Ethical Toolkit

The Ethical Toolkit is designed to be a helpful, self-assessment, and pre-requisite, to an Ethical Audit.

An Ethical Audit is an examination or inspection for processes, or systems within a business, to ensure compliance with ethics-related requirements. Most importantly, an Ethical Audit is used to ensure the company or organisation is operating with decent working conditions and human rights throughout the supply chain. In addition to complying with statutory requirements, improving brand image, increasing customer loyalty, and many more benefits.

Our Ethical Toolkit will give you an understanding of how the Audit will be executed, and what to expect during the auditing process.

The toolkit includes the following sections:

Environment, Ethical Toolkit


Employment is Freely Chosen, Ethical Toolkit

Employment is Freely Chosen

Working Hours, Ethical Toolkit

Working Hours

Safe & Hygienic Conditions, Ethical Toolkit

Safe & Hygienic Conditions

Business Ethics, Ethical Toolkit

Business Ethics

Regular Employment, Ethical Toolkit

Regular Employment

Freedom of Association, Ethical Toolkit

Freedom of Association

Harsh or Inhumane Treatment, Ethical Toolkit

Harsh or Inhumane Treatment

Land Rights, Ethical Toolkit

Land Rights

Child Labour, Ethical Toolkit

Child Labour

Living Wages, Ethical Toolkit

Living Wages

Discrimination, Ethical Toolkit


The many benefits of the Ethical Toolkit include:

bullet point Highlighting of areas of your social and ethical system/policies that may need improvement.

bullet pointUnderstand the reason behind the questions and how they link to ILO and UN Conventions

bullet pointAbility to assess your business and genuinely test how ethical it is.

bullet point Being able to prepare for an ethical audit and make improvements where necessary before it happens, reducing the potential cost of a re-audit.

bullet pointOpening of doors for new business where the rest of the supply chain requires you to be an ethical business/site.

bullet pointDemonstrate areas of weakness that require improvement such as policies or procedures that address social compliance.

bullet pointSupports the development of Social Management Systems.

To view a ‘sneak peak’ of our Ethical Toolkit, click here

If you would like more information, or any questions you may have about the Ethical Toolkit we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!



This Toolkit is designed to provide a helpful insight into the topics that could be covered in an ethical audit and simply cannot cover every element or question that may be brought up. It is not meant to be used, nor should it be used, as an ethical audit. This can only be carried out by a qualified auditor.

Crowberry Consulting Ltd are not responsible for any future ethical audits the purchasing company may be involved in.

Crowberry Consulting Ltd assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents on the Toolkit and in no event shall Crowberry Consulting Ltd be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or any damages whatsoever, arising out of or in connection with the use of the Toolkit or its contents.

Crowberry Consulting Ltd reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modification to the contents on the Toolkit at any time without prior notice.

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Customer Testimonial - Stothert Cushions

“UNICEF UK has always been concerned with its environmental impact and engaged with Crowberry Consulting Ltd  to formally calculate our carbon footprint for 2022 and provide actions for us to follow through on our path to net zero.  Becky and the team were clear on the data they required from us which made the process simple.  The final report has given us a range of feasible options to pursue and it was explained in a very clear manner which will enable us to explain our current and future climate targets to our staff and supporters.”

Steven Waugh, Chief Financial Officer, UNICEF UK (London)

We recently worked with the team at Crowberry Consulting Ltd to support our Quality Management System (ISO9001) implementation, they provided us with internal training, implementation, documentation support and guidance and on site internal audits. Our team has worked over the last year to embed the quality system values and are proud to be recommended for certification by our external certification body. We would highly recommend the team at Crowberry Consulting who supported our team with this standard.

Elaine Keane Chief Quality Officer, ORPEA Residences Ireland

“I would recommend Crowberry Consulting to any business. It has provided us with exceptional guidance and assistance towards meeting our key objective – achieving ISO 14001 certification.”

Shermith Jinadasa, Health & Safety Co-ordinator at The Authentic Food Company Ltd (Manchester)

Lindsey - North Lancs Training Group

“Crowberry Consulting provide us with quarterly Environmental and Energy legal register updates, which enable us to stay compliant with legislation for our ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 standards. Crowberry Consulting provide us with updates on any new or upcoming legislation with a direct impact to ourselves or our products and also offer us evaluations of compliance. The service that Crowberry Consulting provide Fuel Card Services is to a very high standard and maintains an excellent level of professionalism and supports our ISO journey. We would be happy to recommend their services to you.”

Ben Glover from Fuel Card Services

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