Net Carbon Zero

Crowberry Consulting can support your journey to net carbon zero. Which is fast becoming a legal requirement in many countries, to support the international targets within the Paris Agreement. We have 20 years experience of calculating baseline carbon footprints, using the defined calculations and definitions within the Green House Gas Protocol and standards including PAS2060 and International Standards for Green House Gas verification (ISO14064-1) . We offer a seven step process as highlighted below to support your journey to net carbon zero.

Gap Analysis, Net Carbon Zero

Gap Analysis

The starting point on your journey to net carbon zero is to analyse your current position. Baseline data for all three emissions scopes as defined in the Green House Gas Protocol. We will review your current data for sites in scope, this is usually your utility bills, transport and waste data, and any supply chain emission data. We will require at least 12 months worth of data to conduct this gap analysis. At this stage we review your current policies and procedures. Which may need to be edited to reflect your net carbon zero ambitions.

The Action Plan, Net Carbon Zero

The Action Plan

Following your gap analysis, we will create an action plan for your organisation. Which highlights the next steps to take. Including creating the carbon footprint, report, strategy, and deciding on any carbon offsetting. Further working towards a declaration of carbon neutrality, and ultimately working with a certification body to verify the steps within PAS2060.

Carbon Footprint, Net Carbon Zero

Carbon Footprint

Using your data provided, we apply the DEFRA/BEIS or IPCC conversion factors to create a carbon footprint. Depending on the amount of data you provide to us, we can calculate Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions. Without accurate data we can use proxy figures. However, accurate data is preferred. As this then impacts on the tonnage figure you may need to offset.

Carbon Report, Net Carbon Zero

Carbon Report

At this step in your journey we can create a carbon report based on your data provided. Therefore, creating a report/review of policies and processes. We can make recommendations to support your organisation to reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, we can also obtain quotes from third party certification bodies to allow you to budget for an independent verification of your data. Including to ISO standards, and PAS 2060. Or similar, such as PAS 2050, and PAS 2080 for construction sector.

Carbon Strategy, Net Carbon Zero

Carbon Strategy

Following the carbon report, we can work to further embed the net carbon zero targets into your business strategy. Alternatively, create a defined carbon strategy. Many companies now have to report under the ESOS and SECR Regulations in the UK. Therefore, it makes sense to embed carbon action, and climate change mitigation/adaptation into your strategic approach. This strategy can also include the offset strategy you will take. Ultimately. how you will declare carbon neutrality status and beyond. It can also refer to your supply chain impact. How you will manage the ongoing scope 3 emissions, and how you will report on scope 4 avoided emissions.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting

Many organisations will still have green house gas emissions, including carbon dioxide, despite application of reduction objectives and targets. The question then is, what do you do about these emissions? An option to consider is, to offset by investing in projects such as tree planting, habitat restoration, or investing in solar and other renewable projects around the world. There are different standards that are applied to carbon offsetting. We can explain to you what these are and how they work so you can choose what is right for you.

Carbon Neutrality,

Carbon Neutrality

We can support you with your declaration of commitment to carbon neutrality (under PAS2060), carbon footprint management plan. Helping you to contact third party certification companies to achieve the verification of your plan and data and to obtain a declaration of achievement.

Please note independent third party audit bodies known as certification bodies provide the declaration of achievement, this is at extra cost outside of consultancy.

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What our customers say

We pride ourselves in providing a first class service to all of our customers. See what some of our many happy customers say about our service.

Customer Testimonial - Stothert Cushions

“UNICEF UK has always been concerned with its environmental impact and engaged with Crowberry Consulting Ltd  to formally calculate our carbon footprint for 2022 and provide actions for us to follow through on our path to net zero.  Becky and the team were clear on the data they required from us which made the process simple.  The final report has given us a range of feasible options to pursue and it was explained in a very clear manner which will enable us to explain our current and future climate targets to our staff and supporters.”

Steven Waugh, Chief Financial Officer, UNICEF UK (London)

We recently worked with the team at Crowberry Consulting Ltd to support our Quality Management System (ISO9001) implementation, they provided us with internal training, implementation, documentation support and guidance and on site internal audits. Our team has worked over the last year to embed the quality system values and are proud to be recommended for certification by our external certification body. We would highly recommend the team at Crowberry Consulting who supported our team with this standard.

Elaine Keane Chief Quality Officer, ORPEA Residences Ireland

“I would recommend Crowberry Consulting to any business. It has provided us with exceptional guidance and assistance towards meeting our key objective – achieving ISO 14001 certification.”

Shermith Jinadasa, Health & Safety Co-ordinator at The Authentic Food Company Ltd (Manchester)

Lindsey - North Lancs Training Group

“Crowberry Consulting provide us with quarterly Environmental and Energy legal register updates, which enable us to stay compliant with legislation for our ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 standards. Crowberry Consulting provide us with updates on any new or upcoming legislation with a direct impact to ourselves or our products and also offer us evaluations of compliance. The service that Crowberry Consulting provide Fuel Card Services is to a very high standard and maintains an excellent level of professionalism and supports our ISO journey. We would be happy to recommend their services to you.”

Ben Glover from Fuel Card Services

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